About Us

In 2021 as the world started travelling again, I decided to take some time off work and explore the globe.  For most of my adventures, I rented homes from internet hosts for one night up to a week.  I enjoy cooking and was on a budget, so I often prepared my own meals rather than eating out.  This however, was more often than not, very frustrating.

Most rented kitchens have little more than salt and pepper (and sometimes not even that), and olive oil the few times it was available, had often gone bad.  After several months of struggling with this, I built a kit I could take with me that had all my regular seasonings.  One that I could even take in my carry on if I was doing a short haul.

Meeting people during my travels inspired me.  Many said they would love something like this or had friends or family who would like something like this, and so, The Globetrotters Kitchen was born. 

Bringing flavour to lacking kitchens everywhere...