About Us

I built my first kit while on a sabbatical in 2021. I was travelling through several countries, renting homes that had full kitchens, but few supplies. In every new place I had to either restock my kitchen or suffer through boring creations. Some places didn't even have salt and pepper!! Through sheer frustration, I sourced the products for my first kit. It was big and bulky and needed some tweaking, but after several adjustments, I now carry with me the current kit. I have had many fellow travellers comment on the item, and so The Globetrotters Kitchen was born.

My kit comes everywhere with me.  I've taken it camping, to my parents (they don't cook much), and to every Airbnb I've stayed in since I created it. I have a 5" Chef's knife in mine and when I travel I throw the kit in my checked luggage so I know I've got at least one decent knife. It's made my meal times on the road much easier to prepare.

I hope you find yours as useful as I have found mine.